Born and raised in Paris, I am currently in London exploring the realms of Computer Science and Engineering as an undergraduate at University College London. My interests lie in Machine Learning, Data Science and (Full-stack) Web Development and I have worked on some cool open source projects as well that you can check out here.


Technical Skills

Algorithms and Data Structures
Python 3
Java 14
Swift 5
JavaScript(ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS)

Personal Projects

Care Quality Dashboard

An online platform for clinicians in NHS Wales to measure themselves against the Welsh Government's Health and Care Standards, built as part of the UCL Industry Exchange Network for the NHS program (2020-21), in a team of 3.

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Covid 19 Tracker

I made a Covid19 tracker that helps individuals know the amount of new cases, deaths and recoveries of Covid 19. Data can be sorted per country. Used the Disease.sh API to get the data.

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A Tetris autoplayer AI

I redesigned the classic retro Tetris game- changing its GUI and some of its gameplay- and wrote a Genetic Algorithm for an auto-player.

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Voice Recognition New App

Built a Conversational Voice Controlled React News Application using the Alan AI and newsapi.org

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Real Time Chat Application

Developed a full-stack chat application which enables users to communicate in "chat rooms". The front-end was built in React(Hooks) and the back-end was developed with NodeJS, Express, and the Socket.io library was used for the web sockets. The application supports markdown and emojis

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Stereo-Matching Algorithm

Implemented in Python a Dynamic programming algorithm to perform stereomatching. When our eyes view a scene, the left and right eyes see slightly different things. The left and right images are known as a Stereo Pair. By matching the corresponding points in the two images, we are able to infer the depth of the scene. Implemented a Stereo-Matching Algorithm in Rust which produces a Disparity Map from a stereo pair using a Dynamic Programming approach (Forward Pass and Backward Pass). The program takes less than a second to generate Disparity Maps for three different stereo pairs.

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University College London (UCL)

Computer Science (Bsc.Eng)

Expected: 1st Class
Second Year Modules:

  • COMP0008: Computer Architecture & Concurrency
  • COMP0009: Logic and Database Theory
  • COMP0010: Software Engineering
  • COMP0011: Mathematics and Statistics
  • COMP0016: Systems Engineering
  • COMP0141: Security
  • MSIN0144: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • First Year Modules:
    • COMP0002: Theory of Computation(Logic and Automata)
    • COMP0003: Principles of Programming (Advanced C and Haskell Programming)
    • COMP0004: Object-Oriented Programming(Java)
    • COMP0005: Algorithms
    • COMP0012: Compilers 
    • COMP0147: Discrete Mathematics for CS
    • ENGF0001: Engineering Challenges (Building a Single-Cycle MIPS Processor (I) and Building Control Systems for a Bioreactor (II) )
    • ENGF0002: Design and Proffesional Skills(Advanced Python Programming, Visualisation and Software Engineering)


École Jeannine Manuel, Paris

French Baccalaureat OIB

17,54 / 20 General Average

  • focus in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Extracurricular activities:

MIT Launch Startup Club, Computer Science Club

    20/20 TPE


One can find me here (most of the time)